The cardio pulmonary deparment is look after patients who need cardiac rehabilitation after angioplasty, bypass surgery or any other heart surgery.

Department also do pulmonary rehabilitation to the patients having COPD ,Asthama any Breathing Problems.

The department is well equipped with all required instruments like treadmill , static bicycle , eliptrical trainer , Multi gym etc.

Other treatment which undergo in department include ,

  1. Diabetes Management
  2. Hyper Tension Management
  3. Obesity Management

Well equipped fitness center with necessary amenities like Treadmill….
Services rendered are:-

  1. Cardiac Rehabiliation
  2. Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  3. Physical Fitness program for healthy as well as individual with Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Thyroid problem.

Department Staff

Dr. Trushar Vaidya(P.T)
Dr. Shailaja Patel(P.T)
Assistant Professor
Dr. Nirja Swadas(P.T)
Assistant Professor